Cicogres personalizes the desire of offering an avant-garde and personal product: Thanks to this approach, Cicogres has become nowadays one of the companies with more projection of the current scene.

More than 25 years of experience manufacturing ceramic products support our commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of our product and service to our customers, profiting for that of our modern installations and leading fabrication process. Our experience allows us to predict that the future requires a continuous adaptation to change, which calls us to a concentration on innovation efforts in all areas of the company. So, we engage ourselves to be differentiated by each one of our customers.

Our Mission is:

Cicogres is one company dedicated to the production, distribution and commercialization of ceramic products that satisfies the needs of their customers and that proposes uses for decoration of every space ensuring one excellent relation quality/design/price.


Humility · Honesty · Commitment · Ambition Sana · Professionalism · Elegance · Optimism
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